Nick Wagner

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HOURLY RATES New Work: $240
Coverups and reworks: $240
Minimum sitting fee: $240

About Nick Wagner Appointment?
About Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner is a tattoo artist with a strong illustrative style that has been tattooing in his hometown of Jacksonville Florida since September 1995.
Nick focuses on projects with themes that revolve around Asian motifs (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Balinese, etc, etc), various mythological characters, sci-fi, comic books, and monsters. Though he prefers to do color designs, Nick is equally comfortable with executing designs in “black and gray”.

*Because of the overly long wait times between taking on new project requests, Nick no longer uses the shop newsletter to book.

You may submit your new project request at any time, but if you fail to fill out ALL of the fields of your new project request, your request will be discarded without response..

All initial responses will be brief:

You will either receive a simple “Thank you for your new project request. I have have added your name to my current waiting list”, or  “No, but thank you for your request.”  IF Nick knows an artist that is more suitable for your project, he will include that in his response.

Acceptance of your project does NOT mean he is ready to schedule you! Nick will not call you until he has an opening that lines up with your stated availability.

By filling out this project request email you are agreeing that you have read and understand all the instructions, rules, and limitations as stated below above and blow the  following submissions information

To submit a project new request, email Nick at with the subject line “New project request” and provide Nick with the following information*

*Feel free to copy, paste, and type in your response after each section:

~ Name    :

~ Age       :

~ Phone #:

~What days/times are you generally available Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 1:00 and/or 6:30. *Saturdays are fully booked with large projects for the remainder of 2024

~ Give Nick a detailed description of your tattoo concept/theme, size, and proposed placement on your body.

*Sending a vague description like,”I want a sleeve” is not appropriate or adequate, and will be discarded without a response. 

~Please include any photos for reference that you have for your ideas as an attachment to your email rather than dropping them into the body of your email…It’s not required, but it IS helpful 🙂

~If you are requesting a cover up or rework of an old tattoo, also provide pictures of the existing tattoo, and DON’T just send only close ups! Be sure to include all of the area AROUND the tattoo, or the whole body part it is on as well.


We will update this information as we inevitably run into issues with Nick’s new project intake process, and wait times will vary greatly depending on how the limitations of how your schedule lines up with Nick’s availability, BUT it is important to note a few things:

~Nick will typically respond to emails on Tuesday every week unless he is out of town or sick.

~ No matter how much time has passed, Nick will not remove your name unless you request to be taken off his waiting list. If you no longer want to get tattooed when he contacts you, don’t panic! Just let Nick know when he contacts you and he’ll move to the next person on his waiting list. It’s no problem at all.   

~ If your idea has changed since you were put on his waiting list, notify him when Nick calls to set up your consultation. BEFORE you come in. NOT at the consultation.   

~If you are not available or ready when Nick contacts you, you do NOT go to the back of his list! You stay in the same spot you were before, and he’ll call you when his next appropriate opening is available.

As usual, thank you ALL for your patience, and subscribe to our shop newsletter to get tattooed by any of Black Hive’s other artists!