Nick Wagner

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HOURLY RATES New Work: $200
Coverups and reworks: $250
Minimum sitting fee: $200

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About Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner tattoos Wednesday through Saturday every week, and is an experienced tattoo artist with a strong illustrative style.

Because of his consistently long waiting list to start large projects, Nick gives priority to requests whose subject matter involve Japanese themes, various folklore, Lovecraftian monsters, and generally more aggressive, dynamic images.

Nick does try to fit in small and medium “one-shot” tattoos when he can, but please keep in mind that his minimum sitting fee is $400*, so please plan accordingly when choosing your design.
*This is NOT in addition to his hourly rate! This is the minimum you will spend each time you come in, even if your tattoo design takes less than an hour.
For example:
If you’d like to get a very small or very simple design, but you don’t want to pay $200, consider getting it during the next session on of a larger pice, or getting more than one of your smaller ideas at the same time rather than one at a time.

To get tattooed by Nick, click the “make an appointment” tab on any page to sign up for the shop newsletter.
Nick sends out a call for projects via the newsletter every 16-20 months, tattoos Wednesday through Saturday each week, and requires a one hour deposit ($200) for 2-3 hour sittings, and $400 deposit to secure an appointment for 4-5 hours .
Because Nick’s opportunities to take new clients are so limited, his newsletter info is usually very specific and it is very important to read his instructions carefully.
Various details of what days and times he is currently trying to fill, as well as what he requires to set up a consultation are included in his newsletter.

You can always contact Nick directly via email, text, or voicemail to propose your next project, large or small, so you don’t wait a year or more for his book to open up only to find out he’s not the right artist for what you want.

If you get a new phone number after you get on the list, please email Nick and update your info via your original email request thread, or you could possibly get passed over if he gets to your request and can’t contact you via phone or email.