Nick Wagner

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HOURLY RATES New Work: $200
Coverups and reworks: $250
Minimum sitting fee: $200

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About Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner tattoo artist with a strong illustrative style that has been tattooing since September 1995.

Because of his consistently long waiting list to start large projects, Nick gives priority to requests from his “AVAILABLE DESIGNS” gallery and to client’s whose subject matter involve Japanese themes, various folklore, Lovecraftian monsters, and generally more aggressive, dynamic images.

To get tattooed by Nick, click the “make an appointment” tab on any page to sign up for the shop newsletter. Nick tries to send out a call for projects via the newsletter every 4-6 months.

You can always contact Nick directly via email, text, or voicemail to propose your next project, large or small, rather than waiting for his next newsletter.

If you see anything that you’re are interested in at any point*, put “available designs” in the subject line and email Nick at with the following info:

-phone number
-your general availability for 1:00 or 6:30, Tuesday- Saturday
-a brief description or screen shot of the design you’re interested in
-size** and placement you’re proposing for said design. Also, feel free to let Nick know any major color changes you’d like to do***

*Nick will periodically make additions to this  new gallery, and they WILL be included in our other ongoing “New Work” newsletters, so email with your name, phone number, and request to be added to THAT newsletter list.

**Keep in mind that while ALL the designs can be done quite large, some designs can only designs can be done so small, while others can be reduced quite a bit if they’re simplified a bit.

***Nick isn’t redrawing or greatly modifying one of his designs, but changing the color scheme is no problem. All the designs can be done in black and gray if color is not your thing, or if the tattoo is say, a green dragon, but you would rather do the design as a red dragon, that isn’t a deal breaker