Nick Wagner

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HOURLY RATES New Work: $200
Coverups and reworks: $250
Minimum sitting fee: $400

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About Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner began tattooing in 1995, and is an experienced tattoo artist with a strong illustrative style, and prefers to do color designs. Because of his consistently long waiting list to start large, new projects, Nick gives priority to requests whose subject matter involve Japanese themes, various folklore, Lovecraftian monsters, and generally more aggressive, dynamic images.

Depending on the source material, he will occasionally accept a reproduction project of an image by a “fine artist” (painters, photos of sculptures, photographers, etc) but never a reproduction of another tattoo artist’s existing design unless it’s widely available flash. It’s disrespectful to the other tattoo artist, and to the collector that has the work. If you’re unsure, ask him in the description/comments section when you submit your project request and Nick will let you know if he will or will not do a design.

Before requesting Nick to do your tattoo, please look through the galleries of tattoos on his page and keep in mind what he does and does not do regularly. Because of his limited time, he will usually pass on projects of a style or subject matter that can be done just as well by someone else who is equally capable and/or more interested in your design choice. A few examples of what Nick will pretty consistently pass on is Tribal, Polynesian, celtic knot work , and “watercolor” designs. *Very rarely, you will see portraits in Nick’s portfolio, but those are usually special cases. After all, you wouldn’t get an electrician to do your plumbing, so don’t ask Nick to do your tribal sleeve. You’ll just be disappointed when he says no.

Nick’s current wait to get on the book for larger pieces is roughly 12-14 months. He will fit in small and medium sized tattoos as he can, but keep in mind that his minimum sitting fee is $400*, so please plan accordingly when choosing your design.
*This is NOT in addition to his hourly rate! This is the minimum you will spend each time you come in, even if your tattoo only takes less than two hours, so plan accordingly.

For anyone who gets on the waiting list: If you get a new phone number after you get on the list, please call and update your info, or you’ll get passed over if Nick gets to your info and can’t get ahold of you via phone or email.