Submitting a project request is pretty straight forward, but it requires a bit of patience on your end. 
You can’t submit a project request until you receive a newsletter email that the artist you want is accepting new project requests. These emails are  sent out when an individual artist has openings available, and is ready to start booking.
To be notified when you can submit a new project request, you need to subscribe to our newsletter.
In short: 
1. Sign up for the newsletter 
2. Email the artist you’re interested in directly when they send out a call for projects.
Since all of our artists do their own scheduling, we don’t know specifically when any particular artist will send out a call for projects, but for more information on when a particular artist might open their books again, please read the “About…” section on that artist’s page
All of our artists have a large, active clientele roster, which means they rarely have any random openings.
BUT, if they do have random openings, you’ll either see those offered through the newsletter, or via a post on their personal instagram account.
If you’re still interested.You can sign up for the newsletter here:

The particulars for that artist’s new project intake procedure will be in their specific newsletter email, SO READ CAREFULLY! Any email received with partial information, or overly vague requests are generally discarded without a response.

Remember, filling out the form via the link below to sign up for the newsletter does NOT  give you the ability to book an appointment immediately! 

Click HERE  to sign up for the shop newsletter.