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new clients ~ Newsletter ONLY (see instructions below)

current and/or previously tattooed clients ~ Newsletter, or you can send initial inquiries via text message to Nick’s direct phone number. DO NOT GIVE NEW CLIENTS THIS NUMBER UNLESS EXPLICITLY TOLD TO DO SO.

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Hey guys! Colbey here.
To avoid cancellations and no shows, I only schedule out 3-4 weeks at a time. So, contact me if you would like to get tattooed within the next 3-4 weeks.
If I have it available, I’ll get you in.
If not, you can ask for my available dates, or reach out to me within 3-4 weeks of your next available date.

I will also be posting available designs on my Instagram. These can be scheduled ASAP, or if you would like to hold the design until you have a day that lines up with my availability, a one hour deposit will be required to hold it and that will be applied to your appointment as a deposit once a date is set.
*To follow me on Instagram, add @keeblertattoos.

Click on here >  to email Colbey.

Please include ALL of the information requested below, and feel free to copy and paste the list so you don’t miss anything.

*If you leave out any of the requested fields, YOUR EMAIL WILL BE DISCARDED WITHOUT RESPONSE.

**Title subject line accordingly: new tattoo, coverup, or rework

1. Name
2. Phone number
3. Age

4. What time and days you are available to get tattooed, Tuesdays through Fridays at either 2pm or 5 pm.

*Saturdays are currently fully booked by large long term projects for the foreseeable future.

5. A detailed description of what you’d like to get, as well as where on your body you want to put the design.
6. Include any reference pictures you have to help me visualize your idea.

Thank you in advance for your patience,