Colbey Joyce

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HOURLY RATES New Work: $140
Coverups and reworks: $140
Minimum sitting fee: $140

About Colbey Joyce Request An Appointment
About Colbey Joyce

Colbey is a versatile, custom tattoo artist that works in both color and “black and gray” while ¬†incorporating¬†a wide range of styles outside of traditional tattooing that include comic books, anime, sci-fi, and horror movies.

To avoid cancellations and no shows, I only schedule out 4 weeks at a time. So, contact me if you would like to get tattooed within the next 4 weeks.
If I have it available, I’ll get you in.
If not, you can ask for my available dates, or reach out to me within 4 weeks of your next available date.
My hourly rate is $140, and I require a one hour deposit before I will schedule a tattoo and start a drawing.

I will also be posting available designs on my Instagram. These can be scheduled ASAP, or if you would like to hold the design until you have a day that lines up with my availability, a one hour deposit will be required to hold it and that will be applied to your appointment as a deposit once a date is set.
*To follow me on Instagram, add @keeblertattoos.

Email your request to and please include the following information:

1. Name
2. Phone number
3. Age

4. Specific dates you are interested in getting tattooed as well as alternate dates in case your first choice is not available.
*Keep in mind I am only available Tuesdays through Fridays at 2pm or 5 pm. Saturdays are currently fully booked by large long term projects for the foreseeable future.

5. A detailed description of what you’d like to get, as well as where on your body you want to put the design.
*Include any reference pictures you have to help me visualize your idea.

Thank you in advance for your patience,

If you’re interested, here’s a little background on Colbey…
Colbey spent a lot of time in school drawing on his notes instead of paying attention. A strong interest in art and design led him to a job as a graphic designer. This career path took a turn at 18 when he got his first tattoo. An immediate career change ensued as Colbey started an apprenticeship in St. Marys, Georgia. He continued working as a graphic designer until he finished his apprenticeship and started tattooing full time in 2007.

Since then Colbey has been pushing himself to learn more about the craft, tools of the trade, and a wide range of art to continually improve his abilities. This drive has led him to Black Hive Tattoo where he sees an opportunity to surround himself with like-minded tattoo artists and a new world of information.