We’ve updated our classic Black Hive T-Shirts!

We have an updated version of the classic Black Hive Tattoo T-shirt!
Here’s the scoop… 

Anyone who comes to the Imperial Tattoo and Art Festival Convention, April 6-8th here in Jacksonville, will get a discount on this updated classic T-shirt AND our awesome Black Hive Pins!  We sell these T-shirts normally at $20 each and the pins for $15 each. Show up at the convention and get them for ONLY $10 each as our way of saying thank you for visiting us and to offset the cost for attending the show to support us!

And, wait there’s even more exciting news…

We have other T-shirt designs coming too! Check out the image above for a sneak peek of our Jotunheim Ice Giant variant!  Over the next year and a half, Nick will be releasing a Muspelheim/Fire Giant variant, and a Nifelheim Hela variant in a few different color schemes related to the realms bearing their name. We will keep you in the loop once these variants roll out and are ready for purchase, but in the mean time check out our Instagram page @blackhivetattoo to get a sneak peek at the designs.  Good things come to those who wait!

As always, a great big THANK YOU to all our loyal and patient clients and followers and we hope to see you all at the convention!