Important info for when we re-open!

Hey kids!

All the artists at Black Hive are eager to get back to work…but not just yet. 
While we know everyone is ready for things to get back to the way they were, Black Hive has and will always put cleanliness and proper procedure first.

Because of this, we are having some work done around the shop to ensure an even more sanitary environment.
Thanks so much for all of your patience.

As soon as we’re good to go, artists will be contacting their current clients via text or emails directly to get them scheduled.

New MANDATORY procedures will be in place for all clients to ensure the health of yourself as well as the artists at Black Hive.

1) Come alone, and on time. No exceptions. *We will no longer be observing “public hours” in the immediate and/or foreseeable future. All work will be done strictly by appointment only.

2)Wash your hands immediately after entering the building, do not touch any doors, handles, walls after doing so.

3)All clients must bring and wear a CLEAN or NEW face-mask. *Employees will be wearing a new mask for every client.

Thanks again for all your patience and loyalty during this trying time. We appreciate each and every one of you and can not do what we do with out you!