Currently, all of our artists’ waiting lists exceed what we can possibly accommodate for the greater part of 2017.
As of this week, the waiting lists for all artists at Black Hive Tattoo are now temporarily closed to further project requests.
*If you are currently on a wait list this will not affect you!
*If you’re currently getting tattooed, and want to immediately continue on to another piece when your current piece is done, please communicate that to your artist now!

While our books are recovering from the carpetbombing of requests we’ve received this year, most of our artists will be making some of the smaller, single shot pieces available via the shop newsletter, so be sure to sign up via our website at blackhivetatttoo.com/newsletter/ to take advantage of these unique and limited time offers.

We strongly suggest that if you are not following our newsletter, DO SO NOW.
*While only some of our artists use social media to notify you of their books opening up, we will always send out a newsletter when an artist opens their book again.

Thank you so much for your past and future support, as well as your patience and understanding that we are taking this measure to serve each and every one of you better.