Selina Medina

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HOURLY RATES New Work: $200
Coverups and reworks: $240
Minimum sitting fee: $600

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About Selina Medina

Selina is a very accomplished, appointment only custom tattoo artist that particularly enjoys doing portraits and photorealistic tattoos in both color and black and grey.

To get tattooed by Selina, click the “make an appointment” tab on any page to sign up for the shop newsletter.
Selina sends out a call for projects via the newsletter every 3-4 months, and requires a one hour deposit ($200) to set an appointment. Because the specifics of what she needs to set up a consultation can change slightly from year to year, specific details of what she requires to set up a consultation are included in each new newsletter, so when her newsletter comes out remember to read and follow Selina’s instructions carefully before submitting your request for new work.

And now, for those interested, Selina in her own words:
My name is Selina Medina. Yes, you read that right. It does rhyme, and it is my legal name. I am perpetually silly, and thoroughly enjoy all things creative and different. I find inspiration from classical art, buildings, nature and antiques. If I’m not working, you can find me enjoying coffee while drawing, wandering around aimlessly photographing things for tattoo reference, or visiting local museums.

Being driven by a love of art at a very young age, I continued to hone my skills in art through high school. Teachers scolded me for drawing on other students with various pens and sharpies, which resulted in me visiting the principal’s office weekly. I couldn’t help it! They would not stop asking!! As time progressed and life unfolded, I began to aggressively follow a path towards tattooing as a career. I began my apprenticeship in 2003, and continued to develop my current skill set at the same shop until September 2012. Creativity and the pursuit of bettering myself led me to Black Hive Tattoo. At Black Hive I plan to continue to learn, advance my tattooing, and travel the world meeting other tattoo artists to further my artistic goals. As a point of interest, I continue furthering my education by taking classes from world-renowned artists in my travels and spare time. I am consistently learning and evolving as an artist through the research I do.

At this point, I’d like to tell you a little about how I work, and how to go about my appointment process:

When undertaking large-scale pieces, such as sleeves, body panels, or back pieces, it is imperative you are committed for the long haul. With such long-term projects, I strongly recommend that you visit me on a monthly basis to get the accurate flow shape and contour in your piece. If you are not local, and hope to get a sleeve in a short time frame, arrangements can be made so that can be achieved. Please note that if you are coming in from out of town to get tattooed, you must contact me first to set up a deposit and appointment. I accept deposits by transfer or credit card via shop Paypal account:

I require a deposit for ALL appointments, and this is non-negotiable. Deposits go toward the price of your tattoo and will be taken off at the final session of a multiple session tattoos, or off the total of any single session tattoo. Please be aware that all deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable. If you simply do not show up to your appointment, you will lose your deposit and be required to provide a new deposit before another appointment will be scheduled.

In the event you need to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment, deposits will be transferred if you give me NO LESS than 5 days notice before your appointment.

My hourly rate is $160 an hour. This price is non-negotiable. Please be respectful and understand what the pricing entails when you contact me for a tattoo. I do not quote any tattoo prices online, or via phone. Clients must come to the studio and speak with me in person to get a quote.

Between client rotation and appointments, I take on as much work as I can, and I book my days so that the workload remains steady, not chaotic. Keep in mind that I stay booked up 8-12 weeks at all times, so I cannot tattoo you at the drop of a hat, please be respectful and understand that it’s likely that you are not the only person who wants to get tattooed that day. I believe if you are seeking me out for a tattoo, you deserve the time and highest level of dedication I can provide. That takes time, and it can’t be rushed. I retain that respect for each and every client I have, new and old alike. I only ask that you give me the same patience and respect in return.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read my biography.