There is only ONE place to get a gift certificate for Black Hive tattoo…

And that’s directly through the shop!
While we DO have gift certificates available, we do NOT have any deals through Groupon or any outside vendor, AND WE NEVER WILL.

The reason for this is this:
Because we can’t take every project request that we receive, we are very careful to only sell gift certificates being purchased for clients that already have an ongoing project, or already have a confirmed starting appointment with a Black Hive artist.

If you have an ongoing project, or a new project scheduled to start in the near future, and you want to tell your family and friends to get you a Black Hive “golden ticket” gift certificate for a birthday, or the rapidly approaching Christmas holiday, just tell them to email us their request with their name and their phone number to with “GIFT CERTIFICATE” in the subject line.
We’ll get back to them as soon as possible and get them all set up!

And if that feels too pushy, we also sent this as a newsletter post, so just forward them THAT email! They’ll get the hint, AND they’ll know what to do!