Parking woes at Black Hive

We have noticed that we are growing as a business and the businesses located around us have been growing as well. With this growth comes more traffic all around. Unfortunately, also with this growth comes limited parking options.

Recently, some of our parking spots are getting taken up by other businesses employees with no regard for our needs. We have been forced to install NO PARKING/EMPLOYEE ONLY TOW ZONE signs to discourage other businesses from parking there so that at least 4 of our 6 employees have a chance to get a parking spot on any given day.

We are also respectfully asking our clients to park on the street when coming to get tattooed or if coming for a consultation. Please rest assured however, that while we will NOT tow our clients, we will have to ask you to please move your car to street parking if you take one of our very few spaces. We simply wanted to give you all a heads up to the unwanted, but unfortunately necessary, changes we have had to implement.