It’s that time again…

Today and tomorrow are your last chance to sign up for the newsletter before our next special offer drops. The newsletter server has been working much better since the debacle in January, so we’re dropping another newsletter very, very soon.


Currently, all of our artists’ waiting lists exceed what we can possibly accommodate for the greater part of 2017. As of this week, the waiting lists for all artists at Black Hive Tattoo are now temporarily closed to further project … read more

If you wouldn’t mind…

Thirty seconds of your time is all we ask. Follow the survey link below to help us decide which one of our old shirt designs we should bring back for a limited run. Thanks in advance!   → Click here … read more

New merch on deck!

New flex-fit logo caps have landed at the shop and we re-stocked our embroidered hoodies! Our webstore will be launching within the next few weeks, but in the meantime you can still purchase some merch by swinging by the shop during our … read more

Our newsletter server, and other grievances

As you may or may not have noticed, our website was hacked recently and much of our content was compromised and removed. We’re going to do our best to repopulate our blog quickly over the next few weeks. Also, we just … read more

New blog posts coming soon

Someone hacked our site and deleted some old posts. We’ll be putting up new content soon. Apologies, ~blackhivetattoo